METAI - a digital asset index designed to track tokens' performance within the Metaverse industry.

METAI is a capitalization and DEX liquidity weighted index.


The index is weighted based on each token’s circulating supply and liquidity value. The METAI aims to track Metaverse projects in a Decentralized universe that show a commitment to ongoing maintenance and development.

  1. 1. Social functions are integrated as a multiplayer within the metaverse, where users/economic agents can interact/trade/collaborate.
  2. 2. A persistent online 3-D virtual environment through conventional personal computing, virtual and augmented reality headsets.
  3. 3. An in-game economy based on its ERC-20 token and NFT objects which make sense and utility value for economic agents inside of metaverse.
  4. 4. An open space for any person to collaborate/trade/communicate/govern with others to satisfy their economic/social/political/entertainment needs in commutation with other users and alone. The variety of activities is similar to the real world.
  5. 5. One of the essential properties and assets of Metaverse is the user avatar, which can be upgraded and even look like his own version in the real world. It will allow users to experience virtual reality on a new level, satisfy social, personal needs, gain knowledge and pursue professional goals. METAI invests in projects that can potentially deliver such an outcome in the near future.

METAI uses a combination of the root from market capitalization and liquidity weight to derive index totals. We believe liquidity is an important factor in this area and should be considered when allocating a portfolio.

TW = 70% * RMCW + 30% * LW where,

TW – token weight in the METAI

RMCW – the square root of the market capitalization-weighted distribution

LW – liquidity weighted allocation

Circulating supply is the number of tokens circulating the last time circulation supply was determined multiplied by price. Price is the market price of the token in USD. The first circulating supply was calculated on December 13, 2021, using Pro-blockchain as a reference source.
The number of assets is up to 10.